Windows on the Water


Power walking along the boardwalk is a great way to keep in shape. We all know that though. My mind tends to drift off looking at all the beautiful surroundings and this small gazebo was a reason to take a quick break. It looked like the ocean was in a picture frame. This structure was positioned perfectly in the sun to capture a never before noticed perspective on Mother Ocean.


There are no seats inside, only outside on the boardwalk. At night as you can see, you can sit below the tri-bulbed lights and take in the evening sky. I’m impressed by the woodwork on the ceiling and walls and realize just how strong this little structure has to be. Storms will rage through, tides will rise above and snows will freeze our part of the world. This gazebo will stand strong through all of it based on the handiwork of its builders. I feel this is a perfect metaphor for people too. We will all face storms, but we are built to withstand them and power forward.



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