The Cove and the Cattails


This hidden cove at the shallow end of The Shark River is one of those spots that is really worth visiting. Today promised to be a busy day, and I was driving past. The sun happened to reflect off the water at the perfect time and somehow my car turned by itself into the dirt parking lot. The cattails were blowing happily in the breeze singing a dry bristling song, and the water was busy lapping at the dock.


There were the usual water fowl hanging around, including the white swans. They pretended like I wasn’t there and I did the same for them. Today, my focus was on the cattails. They are so tall and willowy but fragile too. In the proper light, they look beautiful along the cove. Low tide is on it’s way and a dramatic change of scenery will occur. Where there’s water now, will soon be mud. And bugs. As I always say, enjoy it now, because soon it will be gone. Nature is like that, that’s what I love about it!



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