Here Comes the Color


It didn’t take long for the Fall colors to start popping. While walking the dog today I grabbed a few shots to remember this blazing orange spectacle. Soon it will be a bare tree getting ready for the winter blast. But right here and now, its gorgeous! I could take pictures like this all day. Truth is, nature to me is a work of art to be appreciated as you see it. The next time I come by, it will look completely different.


The dog is so distracted by running squirrels! I’m sure they are busy rounding up the necessities for the long cold spell. We are surely invading on their progress! It strikes me how cool it is that even animals, like the trees know when it’s time to get ready for winter. Instinct runs strong in the animals and as the acorns drop from the trees, one feeds the other. Amazing how wonderful nature is as it provides for even the smallest of creatures.

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