Gazebo Day


Nestled in a beautiful park directly across the street from the boardwalk is this beautiful gazebo. I was walking the boards today and was called over by this scene to enjoy the peaceful serenity it offered. No one was here, but cross the street and you are amidst tons of people. Overlooking a lake, this scene solidifies the gentle Shore life. We love living near the water and build spots like this to soak it all in.


I was amazed at the gardens and how well they thrive in the salty air. We are approaching colder weather and these beauties are showing off magnificent colors. Rose bushes, petunias, and purple cone flowers are a few of this gardeners favorites. One of the things that always amazes me here is just how vibrant the colors are. Whether you look up in to the sky or gaze at the flower beds, nature paints a glorious picture every single day.


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