Inlet or Outlet?


I stopped by the Shark River Inlet today to soak in how beautiful and calm it looks. One of the many entry ways for vessels to go out to sea along our coastline and come back in with the current. A watery door of sorts, in and out, all day long. For man and fish, the inlet provides a steady, though sometimes choppy means of travel.


This guy did not mind me being here with him and had no fear. My guess is that he was more interested in the lunch menu swimming below, rather than the camera wielding lady standing there. An inlet for him is one giant buffet while this spot in particular is a great launching pad to rush into the winds and fly away.


The wind was blowing out towards sea, but the crisp blue sky was perfection. Water temperatures are still warm and boaters still have time before they put their vessels to sleep for the winter. For me, this sight is just another reminder of how beautiful the view is at the Jersey Shore.

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